5 Comfortable High Heels for Work

A great work heel that gives both comfort and confidence is not out of reach with the following tips:

Platforms, chunky heels and low heels give feet more stability and are comfortable heels for standing.

Research online to find well reviewed brands but do first-hand research at local stores. Replicate work conditions by walking on different floor surfaces.

Invest in quality. Shoes made of real leather or suede will get more comfortable with each wear as they mold to the shape of your foot. Choose one or two neutral pairs that work with most of your outfits.

With some consideration, the swagger of a good high heel can be found in a comfortable high heel for work.


1.  Clarks Women’s Artisan Temp Appeal Platform Pump










2. Sofft  Womens  Velma










3. Aerosoles Women’s Caricature Pump










4. Aerosoles Women’s Envy Pump










5. Aerosoles Women’s Dolled Up